Letter from the Secretary of War

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Letter from the Secretary of War

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Letter from the secretary of war. Written by Ulysses S. Grant. This pamphlet concerns a confederate officer named Milliken. Milliken was given his freedom by Grant after he promised to return home and tend his farm and not to rejoin the Confederate Army. Within weeks, Grant discovered that Milliken did not keep his word and was in fact leading soldiers in battle. This paperwork concerns an act of Congress and a warrant for the capture of Milliken.

From the collection of Charles Hamlin. Charles Hamlin, 1837-1911, Union soldier, lawyer, businessman, was born in Hampden, Maine the third son of Hannibal Hamlin. He became the political lieutenant of his father and witnessed his inauguration as vice president in March of 1861. He recorded intimate, accurate accounts of the political background during the Civil War. These notes were used by his son, Charles Eugene Hamlin, in the book The Life and Times of Hannibal Hamlin (1899).



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