18th Century Chimney Puffer

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Bronze Chimney Puffer

Stock Number 294-25

This heavy bronze nickel plated device was used to clean chimney in Colonial America and in England. In Colonial America, the colonist built their homes entirely of wood, including the chimney. Therefore, it was not possible to build a large fire. Fires were kept small and used basically for cooking. This resulting in much smoke and soot that clung to the inside of the chimney and made for a fire hassard. To clear the soot away, this device was filled with black powder and set on top of a log placed in the chimney. When the black powder was set on fire by a wick attached to the end of a stick, the resulting discharge blew the soot up the chimney. These and similar devices were used in England to clean chimneys in which soft coal was burnt. This chimney puffer shows signs of much use but is in excellent condition.


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