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I have been an antique dealer since the mid 1960's. In my career, I have sold most types of antiques. For the past 15 years I have specialized in medical, dental, and optical antiques. A large part of my business is antique spectacles and vintage eyeglasses.

My wife and I make an annual trip to Europe to buy antique medical items that date to 1750 and before. We attend all the major medical auctions throughout the US and Europe trying to buy unique medical and dental antiques.

Last year, we purchased a complete hospital that was put into storage in 1955. This purchase provided us with unique medical related antiques that seldom come to the marketplace. We carry surgical tools, birthing related items, books, charts, teaching aids, early X-ray tubes, prosthetics, hearing devices, apothecary, veterinary, and items related to bloodletting.

Our line of dental related antiques include ivory, wood, and gold dentures, toothkeys, early dental drills, hog hair toothbrushes, dental advertising, dental molds, books, charts, and teaching aids.


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